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Why is important to chew well?

Chewing is the process by which we tear, cut and grind the food by preparing it for swallowing. We must bear in mind that digestion begins in the mouth, since with chewing the food is disintegrated into smaller particles so that they are easier to digest.

Chewing well helps to produce more saliva, which in turn reduces the acidity of the food minimizing the risk of enamel damage and tooth decay. It has also been found that proper chewing works the muscles that surround the face and the positive effects extend to the brain, as it improves blood flow that helps boost brain activity.

Without chewing it would not be feasible to swallow most of the solid foods, causing the digestion process to be heavier and slower producing stomach pains or gas. On the other hand, with smaller pieces, the food passes to the stomach in optimal conditions for a better absorption of the nutritional components.

The chewing of food, favors the overall health of our body. It is recommended to chew the food at least 25 times before swallowing it, because if we do it in this way, one is satisfied properly, getting it to eat less. On the other hand, when not chewed well, the body responds in a delayed manner and “does not warn” that it has eaten enough, as a result a greater amount of food will be eaten, which will be reflected in the increase in weight, which could trigger greater problems of overweight or obesity.

You can conclude then that chewing food is not only an important tool for weight control but can help us avoid cavities while taking care of your gums.

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