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How can I protect my teeth enamel?

Our teeth are conform by different mineralized tissues, dental enamel is one of them. This tissue is one of the strongest of the body and unfortunately it doesn’t regenerates, that’s why it’s necessary to keep an appropriate care for its protection.
The dental enamel prevents the attack of the bacterial plaque not eliminated in his entirety after the teeth brushed. The chemistry composition of this tissue is very sensitive to the germs, and this, at the same time, feed of the carb that we ingest, producing acid substances as waste.
When the acid is produced, minerals are lost, deteriorating the enamel of our teeth, that’s why it’s very important to take care of the food that we eat, as well as eliminate debris to avoid that the enamel, which acts as a protective barrier, decays.

Find out if the tooth enamel is deteriorating with these signals.

  • The color of your teeth has turned yellow due to the deterioration of the tissue (dentin) behind the enamel.
  • Eating cold or warm food, as well as sweet drinks becomes tortuous due to the sensitivity of your teeth.
  • Your teeth are started to wear and crack.

Protect the dental enamel with this simple advices.

  • Brush your teeth after every meal.
  • Chew gum without sugar, this way the saliva will help in the cleaning of our teeth.
  • Use mouthwash to complete your daily cleaning.
  • Use toothpaste with fluoride to make your teeth most resistant and protected of the acid.
  • Finally you can ask to our experts for the toothpaste that promote your oral health.

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