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Benefits of Dental Implants!

Until a few years ago, the people who had lost one or more teeth for an accident or any reason had no choice to restore their ability to eat, speak properly and smile with confidence.

However today we have the alternative of dental implants, with an efficiency of 98%, recovering the functionality and aesthetics of the lost tooth through a definitive solution with long term results.

Unlike dental implants, bridges and removable prostheses often bring other problems, since removable prostheses can slip out of place and later on or lead to major problems such as bone loss. Also, they affect the healthy adjacent teeth, since it is necessary to reduce the neighboring pieces to hold the bridge.

Another disadvantage of using bridges is durability, since both removable prostheses and fixed bridges must be replaced every few years with the consequent high cost involved. The implants instead function as titanium pillars anchored to the jaw bone to support the dental crowns avoiding affecting other healthy teeth.

Oral hygiene is also another benefit when opting for dental implants, since we can have easier access between the teeth, which allows to improve daily dental cleaning and thus avoid further complications in the gums and mouth.

When we talk about a dental implant we might think that its cost is much higher than other procedures, but the truth is that over time turns out to be more economical. Although the starting price of the dental implant is higher, in the long term we can conclude that it is actually a cheaper alternative because it requires fewer replacements and very few complications that can arise if they are given the right care.

In conclusion, dental implants offer many more advantages than fixed or removable bridges, as well as being much more stable and as close as possible to the natural tooth.

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