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Advantages of resin fillings

To solve a small dental caries through resin fillings is an alternative to take into account and very simple intervention that should not pose the slightest problem to the patient. We will talk about the advantages of resin fillings, one of the materials most used and that has almost completely replaced the metal amalgam.

One of the main positive factors of this material is that it respects the dental aesthetics of the patient since it is the same color of the tooth. It should also be noted that it adheres perfectly to the dental surface. In this way we are faced with a material that greatly improves the benefits offered by the amalgam, which would not look aesthetically pleasing.

As for the procedure itself, we can say that we are dealing with one of the simplest and fastest dental treatments found in dentistry. It is done through local anesthesia and once the decayed part has been removed, the resin is placed in the hole. Finally the last step of this process is to apply a special light on the resin to get it to adhere to the tooth and become hard. This way we will be able to return both the aesthetics and the functionality of our teeth.

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